« Pepper, father and daughter are quarreling. What are you doing there? » Even if you want to worry, you should only worry about his heart! You.. Why do you care so much about me, you old fox? « Uncle Chung asked you to help, not to take care of me. » Yu Lin stared at him. Pepper, how can you call me that? I remember you didn’t call it like that when you were a child. Come on, call Big Brother again. « Mmm! »! No way! At that time, I was young and ignorant, so I was cheated by you for a while. Now I call you old fox, which is very smooth and suitable for you. Why should I change my words? « Tut! »! Little pepper, I didn’t expect that I would miss your acrimony so much after only a week’s absence. When he finished, he suddenly approached her and pressed against her body so tightly that she could not even retreat. But you may have forgotten what I used to gag you the last time you did this.. He whispered in her ear in a tone that only two people could hear, so that her back could not help but slip through a slight tremor, but still his mouth was hard: « Hum, how could I forget that you have a red lip that ten thousand people can taste! » Seeing his face change slightly, she continued to say: « Last time I washed my mouth several times,calcium ammonium nitrate price, I was afraid that if I was not careful, I would be infected with venereal diseases by a bull that could only be in heat! » « Is it? » Instead of laughing angrily, he looked at her high-necked long-sleeved jacket and reminded her abominably, « Are you afraid of passing the disease on to others if you wrap it up like this now? »? Or are you shy and afraid of being discovered? Did I plant strawberries for you? You.. You have the nerve to say that! How dare you bring this up before I get even with you? As soon as she thought about it, she wanted to kill him. This week, she was dressed like this, but also lied that she had a bad cold,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, otherwise dressed like this on a hot day, maybe she would be considered crazy. Why not? It’s been a week. What’s up? There should be almost no trace of it. Do I need to irrigate them well to make them stronger? « Go to hell! »! I She was so angry that her head smoked, and when she saw him wearing sunglasses, she suddenly changed her tune and said sarcastically, « Oh! »! It seems that someone’s fate is worse than mine! It’s so late now, and you’re still wearing sunglasses to go out. It’s really funny. People who don’t know think you’re blind! Her sarcastic words just stepped on his sore spot and made his smiling face look ugly in an instant. He took a deep breath, swallowed her anger, and then smiled gently at her. Good. You still have the nerve to remind me. After I solve the problem later, you can wait here if you have the ability to see how I will settle accounts with you. « All right, just stay here. Who’s afraid of who? » Tang Qiao’s Machiavellian President In the third chapter, Zhong Yaquan didn’t say much about Yu Lin’s reply that she was not afraid of death. He just looked at her again with deep meaning. Then he turned around and asked Zhong Ling: « Xiao Ling, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, what is it this time that makes your adoptive father and you so unhappy? » « Brother, you know, I always listen to my father, but this time he really went too far, how can someone monitor my friends, and monitor my phone? » « Smelly girl, Dad this is also for your own good, care about you will do so, otherwise how can I know that there is a smelly boy who does not know heaven and earth, want to abduct you ah? » « Roar.. » Dad, they didn’t want to abduct me. We’re just good friends. Every time it was like this, Zhong Yaquan shook his head helplessly. The two men always asked him to help mediate, but they did not always give him a chance to ask about things, so they began to quarrel again.
« Godfather, if you didn’t want me to come back and mediate, did you ask me to come to the theatre? » He teased his adoptive father coolly and had some headaches about his adoptive father’s child’s mind. Originally, he had no affection for his adoptive father, a big man who looked rough and reckless. Unexpectedly, after getting along with him, he realized that he was a good man with the most loyalty and a very soft heart. Because of this, the scale of Shao Gang was always small. After knowing his adoptive father’s personality and personality, he had great confidence and hope that he would stay here to display his talents and even develop his ambition. First of all, he first learned about the organization and connections of the Shao Gang, and found that although his adoptive father had suffered a lot of dark losses outside because of his kindness and Shanghai style, he had gained a precious asset, that is, his subordinates were very loyal to him. Such a valuable asset is of great help to him in expanding the strength and ambition of the gang. His fists and feet were not weak, and he had no less training, but he believed that violence was the lowest way to solve things, and he would never use it unless necessary. With his brilliant mind and thorough understanding of human nature, he drew up a series of plans to gradually push the Shao Gang to the throne of the underworld leader and avoid many bloody conflicts. His adoptive father saw that he was a man who could be made and could achieve great things, so he cultivated him at all costs, let him take charge of the help, and let him recruit and use his money. Because his adoptive father owned a lot of land and houses, he spent a lot of money to train him and let him run the gang. Without this money, Chung Ya-chuan could not do so much. So the position of Shao Gang today, the adoptive father is the greatest hero, which is also the reason why he did not want to succeed to the position of gang leader. People can never imagine that this tall and strong man with a full face and a ferocious appearance is actually a very childish and lazy old man. It is in this way that he will have deep feelings with his adoptive father,dap diammonium phosphate, because this old man with a disgusting face and a kind heart really loves him as his own son. Uh. Hehehe. Ya Quan, don’t say that. I was just angry with this girl for a while! Zhong Shaoping smiled with some embarrassment. Ya Quan could only look at Zhong Shaoping with a helpless smile. « Godfather, I have something important to discuss with you later. Now can we solve the problem between you and Xiao Ling as soon as possible? » 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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