Lin Yan thanked the driver and hurried to meet Yang Wei and walk to the house. Outside the gate stood two soldiers guarding the guard, even though Lin Yan was brought by Yang Wei, still after the two soldiers searched the whole body without weapons, they waved to let them go. Walking into the building, Yang Wei looked at Lin Yan questioningly and asked, « Why didn’t Linger bring you here? Are you in trouble with her again? » Lin Yan spread out his hands and shrugged his shoulders helplessly. Yang Wei laughed and patted Lin Yan on the shoulder. « It doesn’t matter. Husband and wife quarrel at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed. » Apparently Yang Wei went to pick up Lin Yan and Yang Linger last night, he also thought clearly afterwards, after Lin Yan rescued Yang Linger, Yang Linger changed a suit of clothes, guessing that the two must have made an unusual relationship. Lin Yan looked at Yang Wei angrily and said, « What husband and wife quarrel at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed? Besides, you know I have Li Hanke. » Yang Wei shouted without sticking to one pattern, « That’s nothing. There are no three wives and four concubines for outstanding men like you and me. As long as you can handle the relationship between them, you must distinguish who is big and who is small. » Surprised, Lin Yan looked at Yang Wei, whose words were not shocking, and said in surprise, « Is Linger your sister? »? And I’m the outstanding man, and you have to step aside. “” Yang Wei didn’t care and looked at Lin Yan with deep meaning. « You know what I mean. I’m still waiting for you to become my brother-in-law. » “” Lin Yan did not know how Yang Wei could have such an avant-garde idea. He really thought that it was an ancient society in which men had three wives,fake ficus tree, four concubines and eight aunts. This idea was too perverse. Lin Yan could not agree with it. In fact, Lin Yan was a victim of modern education. Monogamy went deep into the marrow. Come on, take me to see if those Japanese pirates have made a move. Lin Yan hurriedly changed the topic, intuition told Lin Yan, and then continue to talk in depth, he will be poisoned by Yang Wei’s thoughts. Speaking of the three Japanese pirates who refused to open their mouths, Yang Wei frowned,large ficus tree, showing a deep sense of powerlessness. « According to what you said yesterday, the military medical staff disemboweled them and took the poison hidden in the belly interlayer, and the fourth denture on the upper left side of their mouth also contained poison, and took it out together. Although they were not allowed to die, they were tortured all night. » All means have been used, and the mouth is hard to die. Speaking of his professional aspects, Lin Yan has a great right to speak, he said lightly, « They don’t open their mouths, that’s because your torture is not enough. » Yang Weishen agreed with Lin Yan’s argument. At this time, the two men walked into the only elevator in the hall. Lin Yan wondered why they had to build an elevator when it was only six stories high. It was a very easy and simple thing to go up to the sixth floor with a soldier’s physique. But into the elevator, Yang Wei directly pressed a series of numbers on the floor number button of the elevator. He did not press any floor from one to six. The elevator went down quickly. Yes, the elevator did not go up, silk olive tree ,fake blossom tree, but went down quickly. The numbers on the screen go backwards quickly, minus one, minus two, minus three.. Minus five Then the elevator stopped. Yang Wei explained to Lin Yan, « This is to ensure the safety of the hostages. After all, the missiles of the M country are very powerful. There are many secret felons detained here. » Lin Yan nodded understandingly. Whether he admitted it or not, M country is ahead of all countries in terms of missiles. Even though many missile interception points have been set up in the South China Sea, it is not a bad thing to be careful and cautious. Out of the elevator, with Yang Wei, he took out a purple magnetic card and passed through several doors. There were more and more staff in black uniforms. No one paid attention to him and Yang Wei. They all bowed their heads and held the documents to complete their tasks. Led by Yang Wei into a dark room, Lin Yan saw three « old friends » last night.
Chapter 186 Yang Wei’s avant-garde thought. Chapter 186 Yang Wei’s avant-garde ideas, to the website. Chapter 187 horrible methods of interrogation. Chapter 187 horrible methods of interrogation. In the small closed room, the dim light shrouded in every corner, except for the automatic iron m mén that Lin Yan walked in, the walls around were made of metal composite materials, and the sound insulation measures were very good. Lin Yan estimated that even if there was a cry of tearing inside, the outside did not know what had happened inside. 3∴35686688 The three old friends of the Japanese pirates that Lin Yan knew were sitting half dead on three chairs. Their waists were wrapped in thick gauze, and traces of blood leached from the gauze could be seen. Their hands and feet were all tied to the iron chairs with fiber nylon ropes, and they could not move. They were wearing only a triangle that could cover their shame. The corners of his mouth and the skin of his whole body were covered with blood that had not completely dried up, and his torso was streaked with whips everywhere, deep and ferocious. If ordinary people see this scene, can not help but think, these three people in the end committed what heinous crime, was so cruel, but all the ordinary people in China are doomed to see the soldiers treat the enemy war criminals scene, capitalist countries shout human rights here can not be reflected. If Lin Yan didn’t know that he was interrogating the enemy’s Ji jiān, he thought he had come to the scene. Of course, there were no such things as dripping wax, whips and so on. For a professionally trained agent, it was equivalent to playing house. There are two soldiers in the room, see Yang Wei with a stranger to come over, face without any strange God s s è, a slight breath, ready to continue to torture three Japanese pirates, their eyes thick black eye told Lin Yan, this interrogation has begun since last night. Yesterday, after Lin Yan captured the three enemy criminals, under his account, the three were sent to the operating room. They must have been disemboweled to take out the poison and sent to this interrogation room. They will not stop until they pry out all the secrets in their mouths. Perhaps for ordinary people, after disemboweling, rest and recuperation is absolutely necessary, but for the three specially trained Japanese pirates, let them take good care of themselves,artificial banyan trees, and then interrogate them, that is preferential treatment, and China does not have this kind of welfare for captives.

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