The two of them walked quietly together without speaking any more, but the sweet breath of the whole body could be smelled by passers-by, just like a couple in love. Oh, no. At this time, they are lovers in love. After walking for a long time, Qin Huanhuan and Fu Chengen walked to the small intersection of Qin Huanhuan’s house. Qin Zian did not wait for Qin Huanhuan at the entrance of the alley. Have you been planning for me for a long time? Qin Huanhuan asked. Uh Fu Chengen did not react to the meaning of Qin Huanhuan’s words for a moment. Why else would you have taken care of my brother so early? Qin Huanhuan’s tone was sour: « My brother has been saying good things about you every day these days. » When Fu Chengen heard this, a deep, cello-like laugh poured out of his mouth. Good job. Take him out for the weekend. Fu Chengen said. He also did not expect that Qin Zian had completely defected to him just after hearing his name. He took care of his brother-in-law so easily. Hum. Just take him? Qin Huanhuan snorted twice and said. You’re the hostess. Fu Chengen spoiled Qin Huanhuan by scraping the tip of his nose and said, « Naturally, the two of us are going to take Zi An out together. » « That’s more like it. Bye-bye! » Qin Huanhuan was satisfied, waved to Fu Chengen, then turned into the alley, into the house. But Fu Chengen did not leave immediately after watching Qin Huanhuan walk into the house. He just stood at the entrance of the alley,metal racking systems, thinking about what had happened tonight. Only when he falls in love and associates with others, does he realize that the sour words and intimate actions in love are all from the heart and are self-taught. For example When he looked at Qin Huanhuan, he would unconsciously soften his face, and he could not help but want to reach out and rub her head and scrape the tip of her nose. Without any intention. I just want to be close to my lover from my heart. It was not until the cool night wind blew the corners of his shirt that he came to his senses, his lips slightly hooked,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, his eyes soft, and his footsteps briskly towards his residence. It was a long way, but he did not choose to take any means of transportation. Because He felt that at this moment, even the night wind had some sweet taste. Original Love is like this. In this life, he will give Qin Huanhuan the best protection. And the best protection is to bring Qin Huanhuan into his wings, all the bullets, all the wind and the sun, all of which are borne by him. Qin Huanhuan. After Fu Chengen returned to his residence, the last thought of his dream was Qin Huanhuan, industrial racking systems ,pallet rack shelving, so he slept peacefully and quietly that night, and there were no more nightmares of fighting and killing, or even. There was a faint smile on his lips all the time. Happiness doesn’t have to be spoken out. Sometimes, a meeting of the eyes, a small movement can make people feel the meaning of happiness. The next morning, as soon as Fu Chengen went out, he met Zhou Cheng, who was going to the training ground. Good morning, Commander. Zhou Cheng still looked like a bitch and shouted. Morning. Fu Chengen nodded. As they walked side by side, Fu Chengen took one look at Zhou Cheng and suddenly said, « I’m single from birth. » ??? !!! w(Д)w « What did you say? » Zhou Cheng opened his eyes wide and looked at Fu Chengen. Chapter 2722 the singing wife of Lord Commander 39. Fu Chengen turned his head, and the softness between his eyebrows and eyes was something Zhou Cheng had never seen before. I have a formal relationship with Qin Huanhuan. Fu Chengen said. …… …… « Are you showing off to me? » Zhou Cheng wailed in an instant. Fu Chengen thought seriously for a moment, then nodded and said, « It seems so. » Zhou Cheng:.. He chose to die. Seeing that Zhou Cheng had no love for his life, Fu Chengen patted him on the shoulder in a funny way and said: « Well, your sister-in-law and I will invite you to dinner at noon today. » « Stay! »! Who are you! You’re not the commander I know! Zhou Cheng suddenly jumped far away from Fu Chengen and said. How could the commander say such disgusting words when he was really angry with the dead without paying for his life. Fu Chengen was startled by Zhou Cheng’s sudden cry, and then looked at him in silence. If you don’t go, I will ask Fan Yang and others to go.
” « Who says I’m not going? » Zhou Cheng immediately said. Fu Chengen glanced at him and simply walked to the training ground, ignoring Zhou Cheng. Zhou Cheng saw that Fu Chengen ignored him, so he went to Fu Chengen’s side again and asked him endlessly. Commander, how did you catch up with Miss Huanhuan? « Call my sister-in-law. » “……” Commander, Huanhuan Xiao. Did your sister-in-law just promise you? « She fell in love with me at first sight. » “……” « Commander, how did you confess to your sister-in-law? » « You don’t understand. » “……” « Oh, Commander, when can we have your wedding feast with your sister-in-law? » « At any time. » “……” Zhou Cheng discovered that since the commander who had been in the sky had moved his heart, he was more able to talk about the sky to death. Awkward chat. He couldn’t go on. Forget it, I’ll ask my sister-in-law at noon. Zhou Cheng gave up. Fu Chengen suddenly turned his head and looked at Zhou Cheng with a serious look. Zhou Cheng:?? « Don’t talk to your sister-in-law. » Fu Chengen said. Zhou Cheng:.. There is no place for him in this world anymore. Sure enough is the commander, enough overbearing, overbearing to break people’s hearts! « All right, you walk slowly,heavy duty cantilever racks, and I’ll leave first. » Zhou Cheng finished and ran to the training ground. He was criticized for refusing to eat dog food again. So, he’d better go to the training ground to spread the big news first. By the time Fu Chengen arrived at the training ground, almost everyone already knew that Fu Chengen had a partner. Each cub looked at Fu Chengen with banter and ambiguity in his eyes. Fu Chengen usually does not like others to tease him. But today..

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