After so many days, if Lei ran really thought that Lin Feng was the blue phoenix, then he could not be the natural thunder king who had kept a low profile for many years. Lin Feng and the blue phoenix’s personality means were completely different. The blue phoenix’s woman Lei ran, who had no wisdom at all, could see through it at a glance. However, Lin Feng could not see through it. Lin Feng laughs: « So thunder king, you scream loudly… » The morning is near, the color of the night became more thick, the king of thunder lived in the inn suddenly heard a tragic roar to the extreme, followed by a shrill scream, immediately attracted the attention of the station officials, a team quickly rushed into the door with torches, yellow light, suddenly found that the king of thunder on the bed was lying quietly in blood. With a dagger in his chest, his limbs folded, his flesh and blood blurred, and his bones exposed, he was sure that he would not live. Next to it, Lin Feng shrank at the foot of the bed with a pale face, pointing to the window outside: « There is an assassin! »! There are assassins. The officials of the post station all felt like beating drums, their faces were pale, and the King of Thunder was assassinated here! This What should I do! Shen Kezhi, a left lieutenant under Lei Ran’s banner, stared round and clenched his fists. The tiger roared: « Catch the assassin! » His men immediately swarmed to yearn for the crazy rush. Wait! Thunder King’s inn is heavily guarded. We have arranged so many layers of defense inside and outside. How can an assassin come in and out? Suddenly,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, a voice interrupted his command, and Zheng Fang, the right general with indignation on his face and deep eyes, said, « Qiang! » With a sound, he pulled out his long knife and chopped it down at Lin Feng. You’re the killer! Lin Feng eyes show sarcasm, right hand suddenly a lift, with a strange speed out of the hand, easily grabbed the man’s forearm,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, foot to the man between the legs is a hard kick! The man’s face was like dirt, and this time he kicked it solid? Just as he was about to get out of the way, his legs were suddenly entangled by a black whip that came out obliquely. He was kicked hard by Lin Feng. He screamed and saw stars. He almost fainted on the spot. I’m afraid he can’t be a normal man for the rest of his life. The man rolling on the ground hissed and howled, but the sound of a voice made him shudder and almost forgot to howl. No matter how strict the garrison is, if there is a mole, it is not easy to let a person in? Hum, Zheng Fang, you will soon know what will happen if you betray the king! Zheng Fang turned pale with fright, looked at the thunder slowly coming out from behind the bed, his eyes were ashen, and then looked at the bloody corpse on the bed, almost fainted on the spot. Lin Feng chuckled beside her in her spare time, smiling like a devil. The cold dagger in the chest of the corpse was pulled out by her. She drew two knives in the air and reminded him slowly: « This dead man is really hard enough. He won’t confess anything. But I believe that not all people have this dead man so tough. Take the general Zheng Fang to pull out the radish and blow it on the draught. » I don’t believe he won’t confess! Text 62 Lin Feng « Pull out the radish? » Lei Ran frowned and asked doubtfully, « What is radish pulling? »? Why hasn’t Ben Wang heard of it? A roomful of soldiers looked at her doubtfully, their eyes full of questions. Lin Feng Khan, this slave transition to the feudal system era, it seems that it is really not too advanced, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, even the punishment is pitiful, with a red-hot iron hot even if the torture, the means of forced confession is too backward! Lin Feng smiled coldly, and the smile was so strange that Zheng Fang, who had been tied up and determined to die, suddenly felt a chill down his spine. His intuition told him that the woman who had wasted his lower body with one foot would never come up with any good ideas.
« The so-called radish pulling is to ask people to dig a big pit, bury people in it, tamp the soil, open a hole on the top of the person’s head, pour some mercury into it, hey.. » A sinister and vicious smile appeared on Lin Feng’s face, and a stunning face became extremely horrible: « Mercury is all-pervasive. Once it enters the body, it will peel off the skin bit by bit with the body. It is so painful and itchy that life is worse than death! »! When that white and bloody thing came up, a very complete human skin was peeled off smoothly, and as for the people inside, they were alive and running! As long as you take good care of yourself, you can still survive, but when you put it in the draught, it will be like a thousand cuts to pieces immediately. Malicious eyes staring at Zheng Fang, listening to her horror description, Zheng Fang Hanmao countdown creepy, fear roared: « Don’t say it! »! Don’t say it! « Well, are you afraid of this little thing? »? I know that torture makes life worse than death, but there are no conditions on weekdays, but I believe that with the help of the King of Thunder, we can do it all. Lin Feng’s eyes were cold, and there was a faint smile on her face, which seemed to be very proud. For example, the pain of driving your limbs and joints bit by bit with a heavy vehicle, crushing them, and dragging them on the ground is by no means ordinary! Also, gouge out your eyes, cut off your nose, pull out your tongue, stab your deafness, cut off your limbs and throw them into a jar as a living specimen. Hey, you can’t die. If you take good care of yourself, you can live for thirty or forty years in the dark. And.. « Enough! »! You’ve had enough! Stop it! I confessed, I confessed. Zheng Fang listens to Lin Feng to tell bit by bit, the face is already a pale, the bean big sweat bead falls unceasingly, at this time cannot help hissing roar. Death has always been terrible, he thought he was not afraid of death has been great, but did not expect that Lin Feng actually has so many terrible means to make life worse than death! Every idea is chilling, and if it’s really treated like that, it’s better to die with a knife. Thunder king has always been cruel and heartless, also set more is full door copy beheaded, beheaded just, if really talk about vicious, Zheng Fang absolutely do not believe that thunder king is more vicious than her! « Oh, it’s really boring to confess like this. I thought I had to spend some time torturing him. Hey, that lieutenant, are you stupid? »? Why don’t you get a pen and paper? Record the confession of Lord Zheng Fang? Lin Feng a face more than enough expression, helplessly shook his head,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, a glance at the people in the room, but found that everyone is pale, a look of vomiting. sxthsteel.com

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