Yin Jishan burst out laughing and said, « It’s all about the elder brother! »! It’s a no-brainer-but it’s better not to kill before the festival. Ka and Yu’s first family donated one hundred thousand silver, which has been announced to the two rivers for commendation. Her henchmen are all over the two rivers, and there are her people in every wharf city. Now they arrest people and kill people. If they can’t explain it clearly for a while, they will scare off other rich gentry who donate silver to welcome them. It’s not too late for you to do it after the emperor’s interview. Liu Yong bowed with a smile, but did not say much, still only a « yes » word. If the three souls of Gao Heng had lost their seven souls, they would go out of the governor’s office like a wandering soul at night. When the autumn rain and cool breeze stirred up, they would wake up a little. The bearers of the sedan-chair came up to help him into the chair and said with a smile, « Sir, the cold wind and the rain have made me tremble in my robe. ». Why didn’t you open your umbrella and come out with your official hat in your arms? Gao Heng was stunned for a moment before he realized that Yin Jishan had stuffed it into his arms when he left the flower hall. With a deep sigh, he sat down in the sedan chair, opened the window and said, « Go to Hubei Village, next to Widow Cao Airport in the east. ». The mule driver shouted, and the palanquin moved. In the autumn rain, there were almost no pedestrians in the streets and alleys. It was warm in the palanquin wrapped with elephant eyes. They walked leisurely together, only to hear the monotonous sound of the mule’s hooves chirping in the muddy water. The drizzle was like a sieve hitting the tarpaulin outside the blanket, sometimes tight and sometimes slow, as if someone was constantly scattering sand. Gao Heng stroked the hat and looked at it as if he did not know it. The white pulp Ning silk was densely inlaid with crimson pinched edges, and the cinnabar red silk tassels were scattered around the top of the flowering coral. The knob under the coral top can be pulled out with a slight twist, removing the red tassel, very much like Lin Chong’s felt hat in Fengxueshan Temple. On weekdays, when I went to court, received visitors, sat in the government office,MBR reactor, and met people, I wore it every day. I felt that it was too ordinary and unremarkable. It was not as comfortable as the ordinary melon-skin satin hat, felt hat, and six-in-one hat. I even did not wear a hat. I did not wear this golden pheasant patch suit, with a long braided robe and cloth shoes. But now looking at this top, I suddenly feel that it is very delicate and durable, like a white jade plate inlaid with red halo, the coral with flowers also looks so exquisite, silk tassels like gold plating, hanging amber paste with metallic luster. For the first time,Dissolved Gas Flotation, he found that the silk tassel was so soft and comfortable. Like the Xuande stove at home, burning incense with it every day, it looks nothing strange and precious, I do not know which slave stole it, unexpectedly in the heart suddenly became the treasure of Liancheng. Searched 9 cities pawnshop, antique shop, ghost market mix search one gas, from housekeeper to fellow servant dozen chicken fly dog jump, chase after all force to come out to just calculate peaceful life. Now, no matter how good this hat is, it’s no longer my own. Where on earth is the leak? Salt tax, is « rectification » to rebuild the accounts, from which the first deduction of the confiscated private salt silver, the amount of only three million four hundred and fifty thousand taels, the old account book burned. He has the right, and even the immortals can’t find out. The official sells the private salt « , actually is in the official shop the official private salt two ends collects the account, under the head and the salt merchant collude, Wall Penstocks ,disc air diffuser, from inside taps filial piety to come up. ». Three million, not only to cover the deficit over the years, but also more than 1.2 million. This is a gentleman’s deal, there is no account, empty talk to check a fart! So something happened to the copper? Had already made it clear to the court, but Qian Du wanted to be an honest and upright official when he was an official in Yunnan Copper Mine. He didn’t get a penny. When he left the Department of Copper Administration, he knew that the messenger was so fat that he had to fart and flow oil. He wanted to get back the losses he had eaten when he was in the Ministry of the Interior. He confessed that he would not stop. He made a partnership with Tongling in Anhui Province to steal and transport, and Tongling made a partnership with himself to sell illegal salt. A group of people get salt and copper and also resell wood ginseng, filial piety to the silver if not collected, turned their faces, even salt matters are a bag of net package leak hoof. The more Gao Heng thought about it, the bigger his head became, and the more he felt that it was Qian Du’s incident that implicated him.
But Qianlong’s will is too vague. The word « debauchery » has long been decided. Who is not « debauchery » now? « Greed », how to say? Others send, oneself want, swindle and cheat, hit the wooden bell to say that the lawsuit is « greedy », teach people where to start to plead guilty? In the meantime, he really experienced the Tianwei accident of Qianlong, and really knew how difficult it was to get off the pirate ship. The palanquin paused. In the drizzling rain, Gao Heng, wearing the false hat, got out of the palanquin and dismissed the bearers. White Lady Xue and her two maids, talking and laughing happily, came out from behind the screen wall. He clapped his hands and said with a smile, « My eyes are jumping, thinking that I won’t have lunch there. ». Tell the girl to open up, and sure enough, the master will come back! The two maids were bought by Widow Cao in Qian Du’s outer house. They were fifteen or sixteen years old. They were also very comely. They had never seen Gao Heng, the owner of the house. They timidly followed Xue Bai and squatted two Wanfu to him. Mmm. Gao Heng was in a trance. His gloomy eyes scanned the brand-new three-entry courtyard inside and outside the Qingtang tile-roofed house. He said, « Give me some hot wine and have something to eat. » Then he went inside. The woman didn’t know how he was feeling at the moment, so she followed him happily. « This side is better than Yangzhou, » she said! Although the Slender West Lake is beautiful, it is hard to compare with Xuanwu Lake. You see, opposite the Jiming Temple, looking through the rain, the clouds and mists are half-covered, which is really like the fairy mountain pavilions painted on the paintings, going out on both sides of the willows, Pinghu Yingshan, small fishing boats floating on the water.. Where to find this place? Sir, this way, over there, past the Moon Cave Gate, is the Shuixie Garden. Mrs. Cao’s wife is waiting for you in the room. In the main hall of the Second Courtyard, Tsao was serving food and wine. When he heard them enter the courtyard, he greeted them with a smile on his face. He wiped his hands and knelt down on his knees to pay his respects. He was as happy as if he had picked up a gold ingot that had fallen from the sky. « Oh, » he said! All right, my Lord Gao! Our Master Qian said that you would come in the middle of July, and I even urged a few opera sisters to prepare for you to sing an opera to welcome you. How did you know that Sister Xue was in trouble in Yangzhou? Come into the house quickly, the fog stars and rain penetrate the clothes, this weather is the easiest to catch cold. One said, and the other let Gao Heng go inside. Although she was already over forty years old, she had come from a family of old age, and had been dressing up for the New Year. Her hair was black and shiny, and the light could distinguish people. Her sideburns were black and crows, and her white face was well raised,lamella tube, with a faint blush, like greasy fat. If you don’t look carefully, even the fish-scale lines around her eyes were not very clear. She had a beautiful frown and a pleasant smile. She was still a graceful young woman.

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