« I know you’re going to say that, but you’re not indifferent to his death because he deserves it, are you? » Li Sa pursed his lips and nodded gently. That’s what I thought. You’re not the only one who has this confusion, but it proves that you’re becoming a qualified firefighter. Li Sa looked at Ren Yi in puzzlement. « Firefighters face life and death every day. When a person needs our rescue, we never consider whether he is innocent or guilty. The only thing we need to consider is how to save people, » Ren said with a straight face. Although this time we are not to save Lu Boqing, but to prevent him from hurting others, but the awe of life, compassion for the same kind, is precisely the most important quality a firefighter should possess. Li Sa froze. Ren Yi said softly, « a living person dies in front of you in the blink of an eye. If he is a good person, you will feel guilty and painful for not saving him. If he is a bad person, you can’t even give yourself enough reasons to mourn for him, but you just feel sad. ». You are sad that your life has withered. It has nothing to do with who you are. This is a normal emotion. You don’t have to worry about it. Li Sa gasped, and his breath was obviously trembling: « Captain Ren, why do you know what I’m thinking? » Ren Yi smiled faintly and did not answer. He has endured almost all the pain of being a firefighter. No veteran fireman has ever cried at night because he could do nothing. Li Sa wiped his face and was silent for a long time before he smiled sheepishly: « I’m also adjusting myself, and I’ll be fine in a few days. » If you have any traffic jams,Nail machine supplier, come and talk to me at any time. Although the instructor is very clever and eloquent, the instructor does not go to the front line and does not understand the soldier’s psychology as well as I do. Ren Yi blinked at Li Sa. Li Sa nodded with a smile. Oh, and according to my experience, you’ve probably rendered meritorious service this time. Wait for the news of the detachment. « I really don’t care whether I make a contribution or not. » Li Sa said frankly, « If you really want to give me a reward, you always know what I want. » Ren Yi gazed at her. « Li Sa,Nail production machine, can you tell me why you want to be a soldier so much? ». At first, I thought you were in transition to be a cadre, and you also had the conditions to be a cadre, but I found that you were too persistent in the front line, which is not necessarily a good thing. Li Sa and Ren Yi looked at each other with firm and calm eyes. Suddenly, she stood up and took off her coat. When she began to take off her sweater, Ren Yi froze for a moment: « Hey, you… » Li Suli fell to the ground and took off his sweater, wearing a close-fitting vest underneath. Ren Yi’s face sank. Li Sa turned around and showed Ren Yi a piece of burned skin on her back and shoulders. The ugly scars were like monsters sucking blood on her body, which was even more shocking on the delicate skin. Ren Yi could not speak for a long time. Li Sa calmly put on his clothes, saluted Ren Yi, and retreated. Ren collapsed in the back of his chair and sighed. Ren Yi took a bath, iron nail machine ,nail manufacturing machine, changed his clothes, and even scratched his hair with hair gel in order to make himself look more energetic. Then he left the squadron and went home. In fact, only a week or two did not go home, but Ren Yi always felt that after a long time, perhaps too many things happened in these days, so much that he calmed down to think about it, all feel as incredible as making a movie. When I got home, the table was full of food, and at a glance, it was all my favorite food. He called the nanny in advance, and the nanny went back after cooking. In fact, it was past his father’s usual meal time, and his father was obviously waiting for him. When Ren Xiangrong saw Ren Yi, his expression was touched, but he held back. He pretended to be angry and said, « Aren’t you discharged today? Can’t you come back earlier? » Ren Yi smiled: « I go back to the squadron to deal with some time, this is not finished, hurry back, for fear of delaying your old meal. » Ren Xiangrong snorted: « How is the recovery? » Ren Yi shook his arms and legs: « Fart is gone. Carbon monoxide is nothing. I am the son of an old fireman. I have antibodies in my mother’s stomach. ».
” Ren Xiangrong couldn’t help laughing: « Pure nonsense. » Ren Yi sat down at the table and said, « Dad, let’s eat. » During the banquet, Ren Xiangrong asked about the process of the police. Ordinary people saw on the news only the first explosion in the hospital, behind the hostage-taking of Lv Boqing, the media were not allowed to report, for fear of causing panic, so Ren Yi did not tell Ren Xiangrong, for fear that he was more worried about himself. After Ren Xiangrong listens, indignant unceasingly: « These chop suey are more and more rampant. ». In fact, it is reasonable to say that the previous public order is far less good than now, more arsonists, but now there is a network ah, these perverts actually through the network together. « Yes, this is the biggest headache for the police now. The police think they have formed a sectarian organization. » Ren Xiangrong frowned deeply:.. A sect. « It’s crazy to worship fire and say that burning people to death is purifying people. There are still many members of this organization lurking in the country, and it may be related to the case of the Gong family 18 years ago. » « Really? » Asked Ren Xiangrong in surprise. Ren Yi nodded heavily: « That’s why I was anxious to find you last time. » « But I don’t seem to be helping much. » Ren Xiangrong shook his head. « I’m old and confused. I really can’t remember. » « Dad, the police report you left behind helped a lot. I also pulled out the information of that year from the detachment. If these things hadn’t happened during this period, we would have started the investigation long ago. » Ren Xiangrong looked dignified: « This is a.. » It’s a big deal. « Without the case of the palace family, this is also a major event, but now the water of the dental religious organization is deeper. » Ren Yi put down his chopsticks, « Dad,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, in fact, I’m telling you this today, and there’s something else I want to discuss with you. » « You say. » 。

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