« Eldest brother, Yu Xiaojuan and Li Hanqiu have lost Apple and Jun Zhongfeng. They will do their best to trace their whereabouts. I’m afraid we can’t have a hiding place within ten miles of here. » « I think so, too, » said Fang Xiu. « So we’re going to have an accident. As far as the present situation is concerned, wisdom is more important than martial arts. » « Everything is up to Big Brother, » said Han Tao. Fang Xiu stopped answering and ran with the two girls under her arm, saying, « The fire attracted their attention, but it left a gap for us to escape. » Han Tao chased Fang Xiu and ran four or five miles in one breath to a mass grave. Fang Xiu stopped, looked around, and went to the grave. Han Tao frowned and said, « Elder brother, this place is desolate enough, but it’s not secret. I think Yu Xiaojuan and Li Hanqiu will also find this place. » Fang Xiu did not answer, but went to a big grave, put down the two girls, pushed away a stone tablet covered by weeds, and immediately revealed an acupoint. « How did you know the stone tablet could be moved? » Asked Han Taoqi. Fang Xiu picked up the two girls and ran forward, saying: « This is a hiding place run by my little brother. Even this big grave is fake. It’s a big place with food inside. If we don’t want to come out, it doesn’t matter if we stay inside for ten days and a half months. » Han Tao followed Fang Xiu into the cave, Fang Xiu turned the mechanism in the tomb, and the stone tablet was gradually restored. Fang Xiuhuang lit the fire, lit the lights,custom cosmetic packaging, and immediately the whole room was bright. There was no coffin in the tomb, but there were two wooden couches, and there was dark ventilation equipment, so there was no dull feeling in the room. Fang Xiu put down Jun Zhongfeng and Pinger, first ordered the acupoints of their limbs, and then untied their dizzy acupoints. At this time the medicine has passed, you in the phoenix looked around, way: « What is this place? » « An ancient tomb that never sees the light of day, » said Fang Xiu. Jun Zhongfeng said with a sneer,cosmetic plastic tube, « I remember the time when I was drugged. It won’t be too long. » Fang Xiu smiled faintly and said, « Miss, you’d better settle down. Brother Han and I are very well-cultivated people, but in this situation, it’s hard to avoid being impetuous. If we make trouble, you girls will suffer losses. » « They’ll do anything, » Apple whispered. « Don’t argue with them. » Glancing at Fang Xiu and Han Tao, he said, « You two have imprisoned us here. What are your intentions? » Fang Xiu gave a sneer and said, « You girl, you eat inside and outside. If you fall into my hands again today, you should be cut into pieces. » «  » It doesn’t matter if a cheap girl dies, « said Apple. » But don’t be angry with me.  » Han Tao also said in a low voice, « At this time, we must rely on our eldest brother to devise strategies to win. Don’t be angry with this girl. » Fang Xiu nodded, looked at Apple, plastic laminated tube ,metal cosmetic tubes, and said, « You still have a chance to atone for your sins. » Apple seemed to understand that Fang Xiu very deeply, smiled slightly, and said: « What chance? » « Tell me the truth, » said Fang Xiu, « where Yu Xiaojuan and the others are now, how many men they have, and where they are fighting a decisive battle? If you tell the truth one by one. You can avoid death. Apple hesitated for a moment and said with a smile, « There are a lot of people, old and young, but I seldom walk around Jianghu. I don’t know most of those people. » Fang Xiu smiled faintly and said, « Apple, do you want to suffer? » He approached Apple and said, « You must know what I’m doing. I won’t be kind to people. « I understand, but I’m telling the truth, » said Apple. Fang Xiu reached out and took out a dagger from his bosom. « I’ll stab you first, » he said. Slowly raised the dagger in his hand. Apple looked calm and fearless. Han Tao grabbed Fang Xiu and said with a smile, « Elder brother, they won’t be afraid of this method. » « What about that? » Asked Fang Xiu. Han Tao said with a smile, « We have been completely defeated. It’s still hard to predict whether we can stage a comeback. » Now, there are two beautiful young girls. Why don’t we enjoy it.
” Fang Xiu took the dagger and said, « You mean.. » « I mean one for each of us, » said Han Tao. « You’re the eldest brother. You can choose one first. » This idea, but make apple heart frightened, turned to look at the gentleman in the phoenix one eye, way: « Miss Jun, we’d rather die than stain our innocent bodies. » Jun Zhongfeng’s face was cold and calm, as if he did not care about the coming storm at all. Looking back at Apple slowly, he said, « If they really want to assault us, it seems that there is no need to wait for Li Hanqiu to kill them. » Fang Xiu and Han Tao were stunned. « What did you say? » They asked. « Do you know I’m the daughter of Jun Tianfeng? » Asked Jun Zhongfeng. « So what if you know? » Asked Fang Xiu. « My father was wounded by Li Hanqiu’s sword, » said Jun Zhongfeng. « My mother was so angry that she cut herself off and died. My brother was maimed, and I was bullied. This blood feud.. » « Yes, » said Fang Xiu, « enmity is a blood feud, but you helped him make an enemy of us. » « He’s powerful and skilled, » said Junzhongfeng. « I’m no match for him, but I don’t want anyone to kill him. » « Miss, » said Fang Xiu, « I mean.. » « I’ll kill him myself, » said Jun Zhongfeng. « So you helped him? » Asked Han Tao. « I’m watching him, » said Junzhongfeng. « He’s promised me three years and I’ll slaughter him. I’m going to sacrifice him to his parents. » « Is it reliable? » Asked Fang Xiu. « He’s a hero, » said Junzhongfeng. « I can trust him. » Fang Xiu said, « Even if Li Hanqiu agrees, Yu Xiaojuan may not agree to you. » « Li Hanqiu is going to die, » said Jun Zhongfeng. « I’m going to kill him. What’s the matter with Guan Yu Xiaojuan? » « If you are killed by Li Hanqiu, and I avenge you, if you kill us, you will die, but there is no one to avenge. ». Because if I die, Li Hanqiu will naturally not fulfill his promise. Fang Xiu frowned and hesitated for a long time. « Well.. » she said. Han Tao burst out laughing and said,plastic laminted tube, « You don’t have to listen to this girl’s lies. She’s just pretending to be alarmist in order to protect herself. » «  » If you don’t believe me, « said Junzhongfeng, » I can’t help it. Suddenly he closed his eyes and ignored the two of them. emptycosmetictubes.com

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